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Art is a way of life. It has been a part of mine since I can remember. The earliest related memories I have as a child are of my attempts at copying Superman comics, Gainsborough's "Blue Boy", Lawrence's "Pinkie" and a Rembrandt portrait.

These influences expanded during my college years (Pratt Institute) to include renaissance, modern and contemporary masters, and designers and architects.

I'm always in awe of the creativity of DaVinci, the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, the honesty of Goya's stroke, Dali's technique, Stubbs' horses, John Singer Sargent's portraits, Andrew Wyeth's watercolors, Norman Rockwell's illustrations, and the work of so many other great artists impossible to list here.

This envious but healthy admiration, keeps me aware of art's never-ending road and feeds my desire to constantly grow, learn, and improve.

I hope to always feel this way and to never be satisfied.

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